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World's Largest Gummy Bear


Giant Gummy Bear

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Indulge his sweet tooth and give him the world's largest gummy bear or worm. He will never forget it!


World's largest gummy bear

The 5 Pound Gummy Bear is definitely a unique gift idea for men. You may be thinking, this isn’t exactly a romantic gift, but understand that men feel emotions in a different way. As they saying goes, you get to a mans heart through his stomach. What better way to do that then with

the World’s Largest Giant Gummy Bear. which calculates out to be an equivalent of 1,400 standard sized Gummy Bears!

You can’t miss with this unique gift idea and it will be the highlight of all the presents he receives. Its enormous size comes with the same delicious taste as the regular small gummy bears.

This awesome gummy gift comes in over a dozen flavors, such as: blue raspberry, red cherry, green apple, orange, pineapple, bubblegum, and many combination that make a great multicolored gummy bear. All giant gummy products are hand-made right here in the USA.

Giant gummy worm

I you want get even more original present, there is another giant gummy creation that you can give him as a gift. The Giant Gummy Worm – 5 lbs take it to another level of gummy-ness and he will love it! A gift like this just keeps on giving, and the gummy giants and be preserved in the fridge or even frozen!

You may be asking yourself, “Who makes these and where do they come from?” A unique gift vendor called Vat19 are the source of the giant gummy bears, and they ship quickly with your flavor of gummy bear packed in a poly-bag inside of a generic white box. Once it arrives, all you need to do it wrap the gift for him!

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